Professional Complete Tattoo Kit with Coil Machines TZ-002

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1) Tattoo Machine 2pcs

2) Aluminum Alloy Box 1pcs

3) Power Supply 1pcs

4) Foot switch 1pcs

5) Clip Cord 1pcs

6) Tattoo Steel Tips 5pcs(3r,5r, 7r,5f,7f)

7) Aluminum Alloy Grips 2pcs

8) Tattoo Needles (5pcs For Each)

3rl,5rl,7rl,9rl,5m1,7m1 ,9m1,3rs,5rs,7rs

9) Disposable Tips (5pcs For Each)(3rt,5rt, 7rt,9rt, 5ft,7ft , 9ft )

10)Ink Cup 50pcs

11)Silicone o Rings 50pcs

12) Needle Pad 50pcs

13) Rubber Bands 50pcs

14) Tattoo Glove 1 Pair

15) Disposable Razor 1pcs

16) Practice Skins 1pcs

Thanks for you for interested in MOLONG Tattoo Kit. As starter or professional tattoo machine kit, MOLONG Tattoo Kits are great because we offer all quality parts you need for tattooing. For those who want better quality parts, purchasing individual components is the path for you. You can get all range tattoo equipment from MOLONG TATTOO SUPPLY

Connecting the Power Supply

1. Power supplies vary in specifications and voltages. Examine the power supply, make sure you are running the proper voltage into your machine.

2. Attach your foot switch to the power supply. The foot switch activates and regulates the power from the power supply to the needle.

3. Connect the gun to the power supply. You’ll need to connect the gun to the power supply using clip cords. There will be a clear location at the bottom of the gun for the cable to connect to. There should only be two inputs on the power supply itself. Make sure you connect the cables in their proper location.

4. Test the machine. Once everything is connected and assembled, you’re ready to test the gun. The needle should vibrate at a quick speed upon pressing the foot switch.

5. Practice on fruit. A good way to practice your art is by practicing on apples, pears or practice skins.

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