RCA Silicone Rubber Tattoo Power Cord

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6 Feet Length (Approx. 180cm)

Thickness: 6mm

High Quality

100% Soft Silicone, 22 AWG Coppper Wire

Hybird Mono Phone Jack

Every connection point were wrapped by plastic pipe to prevent broken

Color: PINK

Optional Color: Light blue, Deep Blue, Pink, , Red, Black, Purple, Gold

Weight: Approx. 115g/pc

Item Includes: 1PC x Gold 6 Feet Silicone Tattoo Clip Cord

Material: Silicone

Cord Length: 1.8M/6ft

N.W: 115g

G.W: 0.1kg

Interface: RCA

Thickness: 6mm

If you are tattoo artist, it’s no problem to use MOLONG Tattoo equipment.

But if you are a tattoo beginner, Please pay attention to the following warming tips:

1. Before starting to tattoo yourself or others, please read the Instruction Manual carefully, the Instruction Manual in Tattoo Kit could tell you how to start a tattoo. You can also check more teaching Videos on facebook or twitter.

2. As a tattoo beginner, you should practice your design first on practice skins or on pears,    apples, or something similar to human skin. This practice is necessary to improve your tattoo skills, You should have enough tattoo skills before tattooing on human skin, tattoo on human skin is permanent.

3.Before tattooing on your body, please make a Pigment Patch Test for the tattoo inks, if there are allergic reactions on test skin, please stop use the pigment and contact us for help. No matter which brand pigment you are willing to use, the Pigment Patch Test is necessary.

Pigment Patch Test:

a. Using soap & water or alcohol, clean small area of skin in inner forearm.

b. Apply small amount of pigment to the area and allow it to dry.

c. After 24 hours, wash with soap & water.

d. If no irritation or inflammation is apparent. It may be assumed no hypersensitivity to the pigment exists.

e. Test before application.

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